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At the beginning of the IV century B.C., the Greek hero Jason embarked upon a perilous and glamorous adventure trip to Colchis, an ancient territory of Georgia, in search of the Golden Fleece. A magic Golden Ram had flown to Colchis saving two children Phrixus and Helle from their jealous stepmother Ino. In Colchis the Ram was sacrificed to the Gods and the Golden Fleece, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, was hung up to be guarded by a Dragon.A large number of heroes joined Jason, all of them became known as the Argonauts. Among them were Hercules, or Heracle, and the heroine Atlanta, the sons of Zeus, the singer Orpheus and many others. The ship ARGO, named after the shipwright Argus, was specially built for the voyage.It took the Argonauts a long time to sail along the shores of the Propontide peninsula and the island of Lemnos (now Egean and Marmara seas). They passed by many countries, they met many different people. They saw an unknown land eventually, that turned out to be the shore of Phasys (now Poti). There Jason prayed to the Gods of Colchis asking for help. They reached their final destination in the land of Colchis, ruled by the king Aeetes.By the time Jason arrived in Colchis, it was a strong and prosperous state.The name of our hotel ARGO is taken from that legend.We would like to make your stay in ARGO comfortable and pleasant, but also interesting and memorable as was the trip of the Ancient heroes.

We wish everyone staying with us to find his own Golden Fleece!

Tel : (+995) (32) 230673, (899) 531800;

Fax/phone : (+995) (32) 253303;

Address : 3, 1st Kobuleti Lane, Tbilisi, Georgia.

E-mail: argo@access.sanet.ge


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